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Cheap Dog Beds for Large Dogs

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Large dogs need large beds. Whether it's due to budget or practicality, it may be wise to save money on large dog beds, and spend it elsewhere, such as on high quality dog food. A few factors to consider when purchasing a good large dog bed on a budget is what type of dog bed you're looking for and the needs of a large dog. Large dogs are more susceptible to elbow callouses, especially short-hair large dogs, due to the amount of weight and pressure on their elbows. One of the best ways to prevent elbow callouses or pressure sores from forming is making sure that your large dog has a large enough and comfortable bed.

When it comes to the filling, that is important too -- an orthopedic memory-foam type of bed will better support their body weight than a regular pillow-type of filling. In this article we will cover several orthopedic foam options in addition to other options.

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Lucky Dog Large Orthopedic Pillow$ 42" x 28" x 2.5"Check Price
Chester Large Graphite Grey Polyester Box Dog Bed$$29.5" x 24" x 10"Check Price
ECOFLEX Dog Bed with Removable Cover$$34.4" x 23.2" x 10.2"Check Price
Jumbo Gray Orthopedic Sherpa Pet Bed$$44" x 35" x 4.75"Check Price
  1. Lucky Dog Large Orthopedic Pillow


    This is an affordable foam based pillow bed that would be perfect to use in many scenarios, such as inside of a crate, in a doghouse, car, or at home by itself. There is a non-skid base to prevent it from sliding around. The cover is also removable and washable which is highly practical. 

  2. Chester Large Graphite Grey Polyester Box Dog Bed


    This cozy bed by Scruffs features a non-skid base, soft fabric and the entire bed is machine-washable. For smaller larger, dogs, this would work very well as a stylish option.  

  3. ECOFLEX Dog Bed with Removable Cover


    This eco-friendly and stylish option includes a frame as well as a foam-based pillow mattress for dogs up to 50lbs.  

  4. Jumbo Gray Orthopedic Sherpa Pet Bed


    Stain-resistant microsuede, non-skid bottom, memory foam, and being machine-washable add up to another great foam bed option for large dogs. 

Sophia Zey has two large rescue dogs.